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FHM Reklamador: Hayop sa Branding!

The Epalitikos are at it again!
by Liza Buhawe | Apr 24, 2013
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FHM Reklamador
Welcome to another edition of FHM Reklamador—where we call out and mock all the dirty campaign tactics epalitikos do before shoving it up their grinning mugs. This week's gallery features a series of politicians who uses souvenir and giveaway branding just to get ahead in the polls. Mga literal na walang hiya?

If you see any photo, video, or news item that bears any kind of resemblance to the epal photos you're about to see below, kindly send said material to us at fhmphilreklamador@gmail.com, and we'll gladly lay down Internet justice on them for you. You know what, just give it a quick scroll and see what we mean!

1) Jobo Rice
Jobo. Jobo. Jobo. Dear conscience, please give us the willpower not to write down "bobo."

FHM Reklamador

2) Kakamutan Ka Ni Mayor!
Because this is the best epal move this Laguna mayoral hopeful can come up with. He ought to scrap his political gameplan and start from scratch (ha!).

FHM Reklamador

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