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FHM's Best Of The Weekend: Manny Dominates Algieri (Then Calls Out Floyd), The Jurassic World Teaser, And Frieza Returns!

Manny's domination of Algieri (and comments about a fight with Floyd), the return of <em>Jurassic Park</em>'s dinos, and the new <em>Dragon Ball Z</em> movie had us going Super Saiyan this past weekend!
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 24, 2014
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It's a Monday, which means we're supposed to feel all miserable and bleak.

But we aren't, and it's all thanks to the weekend's best Filipino, Manny Pacquiao. Yes, the ring icon—in a matter of 600 punches or so to the beautiful face of New Yorker Chris Algieri—brought pure pride and happiness to every rank-and-file Pinoy over the weekend. The end result: Monday doesn't feel too bad.

But to make it even better, below are some of the coolest tidbits that got our arm hair standing up during the weekend, which we collectively call FHM's Best Of The Weekend!

Jurassic World teaser trailer comes out!

No '90s childhood was complete without the predators of Jurassic Park making us pee our pants. Eventually, zombies and world-ending tidal waves replaced these reanimated reptiles in our brain's fear bank. 

That's about to change again though as the T-Rexes and the velociraptors are all set to make yet another comeback in 2015's Jurassic World. In the fourth Jurassic film, the theme park is finally up and running...until disaster strikes yet again. Its teaser trailer was released over the weekend, with the full clip to be released later in the week:

Video via Universal Pictures

2)   ALSO IN COMEBACK CINEMA NEWS: Penelope Cruz is in Zoolander 2

Just as Jurassic Park taught us that it's sometimes better to leave the past untouched (especially if it concerns man-eating animals), Ben Stiller's 2001 comedy, Zoolander, taught us that you can get filthy famous and rich for having a killer duck-face.

The franchise (and Stiller's trademark "Blue Steel") is set to make a return to the big screen at a yet specified date, but one thing has been confirmed: our favorite film Latina, Penelope Cruz is set to star in it.  How about a yes!

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Read more about it here!

3)   MORE SEXY GIRLS UP AHEAD: Manila Auto Salon's crowd-drawing car-show girls, photographed!

The weekend's biggest gearhead gathering, the Manila Auto Salon took place at the SMX Convention Center from November 20 to 23, FHM and were there to cover it. A convention for the industry's aftermarket scene, there were of course, pretty rides:

But more importantly, there were prettier girls:

To see more of them, check out our full gallery here!

4)   WAIT, WHAT? MOMENT OF THE WEEKEND: Videogame literally "damages" you when you get hit!

GIF via

Crowd-funding site, Kickstarter, has an interesting project called Blood Sport. It's not a revival of the Jean Claude Van-Damme franchise though. Instead, it's a program that, get this, collects some of your blood whenever your in-game avatar gets hit. 

The collected blood will then be donated to a blood bank. Talk about a hobby sucking you dry!

Read more about it here!

5)   SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY: El Presidente is auctioning off his jerseys!

Image via

While we have qualms over forking money over for a gadget that sucks our blood, we've no problem at all handing our cash to legendary PBA big man Mon Fernandez for his jerseys.

The former Toyota superstar is putting up his signed jerseys for auction at The first one is a 1982 Toyota jersey, which he wore when he won his first MVP award while the other is a 1989 San Miguel jersey, which he wore when he won his last MVP award.  

Read more about it here!

6)   WHOA! WE DIDN'T KNOW THAT: Guess which National Artist Ginebra Gin sent to an art school in Madrid

Hey buddy, get that empty Ginebra bottle under the kitchen sink. See the drawing of Archangel Michael subduing the devil? That piece of art was apparently drawn by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, commissioned by Ginebra tycoon Don Enrique Zobel during the artist's youth.

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The Don was impressed enough that he sent Amorsolo to an art school in Madrid, Spain. #TagayTrivia

Read more about it here!

7)   FOOD PORN AHEAD: Food And Wine Festival holds "color-based" food competition

If you're serious about food, we think we know where you were all weekend: at the 2nd annual Food and Wine festival held at the Mall of Asia grounds. At the event, there was no shortage of tongue-teasing delicacies, but one of the biggest highlights was the cook-off amongst Manila's top food figures such as food writer Erwan Heusaff, restaurateur Marvin Agustin, and other top chefs. 

They competed in the event's "Colorful Food Truck" challenge, which had the participants cooking a dish based on their assigned color. First to sell everything from their food truck wins. Our favorite, looks-wise, was this black burger from team Erwan:

Image via

To see more, check out Rappler's full gallery here!

8)   CALLING ALL SUPER SAIYAN WANNABES: Iconic villain Frieza returns in new
Dragon Ball movie

That alien bastard that coaxed the Super Saiyan out of Son Goku in their first, planet-destroying clash returns in the new Dragon Ball movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection Of F.

No details yet as to the resurrection of Frieza have surfaced but one thing's for sure: We want to see Goku give him a beating once again!

The movie comes out in Japan in April 2015.   

Image via


Okay, so there were so many wicked moments in Pacquiao's fight last Sunday that we could make a number of articles for those (and we'll do so). But if we were to pick one, it would be this: The moment Manny Pacquiao straight up told the people that "I'm ready to fight him."

Video via Rap News

"Him" refers to Floyd Mayweather Jr. of course, but what's so great was that this was the first time that Pacquiao actually said it out loud after a fight. That got us truly pumped. The ball is now in Money's corner, and how he responds is going to be a career-defining moment.

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10)   COLLAB OF THE WEEKEND: The Gab Valenciano X Beyoncé music video

Watch this clip:

Video via Gabriel Valenciano

Now this:

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