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FHM's Best Of The Weekend: E-heads To Release New Songs, Durant Stays With Nike, And Ultra-Rare Copy Of Noli Me Tangere Up For Auction!

Pony up for the E-Heads' new songs and a super-rare copy of Jose Rizal's <em>Noli</em>!
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 1, 2014
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With everyone laser-focused on a certain basketball tournament in Spain, it might seem like the rest of the non-basketball world has stopped. That is certainly false, because as our hard-nosed research has dug up, other things also took place during the weekend!

This is FHM's Best Of The Weekend, and we've collected the oddest, coolest bits of news to make this gloomy Monday far less excruciating!

1)   GOOD NEWS: There's a new Nintendo 3DS in town!

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Well, not in town. But it's certainly coming! Gaming site reports that Nintendo is releasing a new version of its popular handheld gaming device, which has sold over 40 million units since its launch in 2011. What's new in the refreshed version? It's been equipped with a more powerful processor, features a longer battery life, and has a new analog stick and a pair of extra shoulder buttons in addition to the already-existing ones. It comes out in Japan in October 2014 for around $160 (P6,972) for the regular version and $180 (P7,844) for the XL model.

Read more about it here!

2)   HIGH SOCIETY NEWS: Original edition of Noli Me Tangere about to be auctioned off!

Have you ever woken up in the morning and told yourself: "Mas masaya sana ako kung may kopya ako ng orig na Noli Me Tangere." No? Well, surely some have. And it's probably those who will attend "The Well-Appointed Life: An Auction Weekend" on September 20 and 21, where an original copy of Noli Me Tangere will be up for bidding through Salcedo Auctions.

The copy, originally in the possession of a descendant of Jose Rizal's elder sister, Narcisa Rizal-Lopez, is one of the few surviving original copies of the book. Two thousand copies were printed in its original run, but only a few remain as the book wasn't exactly a darling among the prayle of the time.

Read more about it here! 

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3)   BAD NEWS: Person with disability prohibited from entering mall because of his helper dog

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A foreigner by the name of Mark Cohen was disallowed entry into Robinsons Dumaguete for trying to bring a dog in. The thing is, Cohen isn't just some pet lover who can't part with his dog during his mall trips. Cohen reportedly suffers from a neurological disorder that necessitates the assistance of his pooch named Happy. When he wasn't let in, Cohen stuck around the mall premises, sitting in front one of the entrances, in silent protest. A photo of the situation was uploaded on Facebook last August 27, and has since gotten the sympathy of netizens.

In response, the management of Robinsons Dumaguete released a statement explaining the mall's security policy against allowing pets inside. 

Meanwhile, a Facebook post by Ms. Carmen Zubiaga, a Dumaguete resident who identified herself as the Executive Director of the National Council on Disability Affairs, offers a different perspective on understanding PWD rights. "My stand is, we PWDs also have to consider the feelings of non-PWD mall-goers! They have rights, too!" writes Ms. Zubiaga, who added that she is suffering from multiple sclerosis.

"I gathered that Mr. Cohen went to Robinson's to use the Internet cafe' inside the building. There are many internet cafe's in Dumaguete. Why does he have to insist on using the one inside the mall where there are many children. A child and some adults would not know an ordinary dog from a trained dog. Why subject other mall-goers to fear and inconvenience simply to accommodate the whims of one PWD."

To read her full letter, click here! Read more about the incident here!

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