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FHM's Massive Gift Guide: For Your Lady!

Make yourself happy by making her happy
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 14, 2012
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Accept it: The holidays are here! Bring your wallets!

We’ve already given you a handful of tips on what man essentials, budget techs, and pretty sneakers to get. Now, it’s time for the most important person in your life: your lady. Be it your mom (who has been yapping about this brand new recipe book), your sister (who likes that new makeup line from Mac), your girlfriend (who wants anything that’s not from Blue Magic), your wife (who wants a new car), even your mistress/ka-fling (who either wants something crazy expensive or doesn’t want anything at all—just your love, naks!); you will have to spend.

But because we believe the holidays should we spend on more important things—beer! —we’ve done half your shopping work for you and compiled this list of treats and goodies that would make any woman swoon for joy! And the good news: It’s fit for any budget, whether you’re the ultimate bargain-hunter or an indulgent spender.

Makalaglag-panty these items are not, but we reckon it will fetch a smile or two from her!

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1. Forever 21 iPhone Case, P225
What it says about you: That you’re not a douche who thinks that only guys are techies. Because even ‘em ladies know how to show some love for their most prized gadgets. Indulge your lady with one of these iPhone cases from Forever 21.
What she’ll like about it: Although it comes in all sorts of designs, from plain solid colored ones to more creative “may-monster” ones, it’s not exactly cute-sy—meaning she won’t look like a schoolgirl with it.

2. Forever 21 Hello Kitty Forever Flip-flops, P280
What it says about you: That you’ve always thought of your girl/mom/lola/sister as the modern day equivalent of Wonder Woman or Darna, walking around all day in sky high heels yet managing to get all her work done. Treat her feet to some TLC with this (dare we say) cute pair of footwear.
What she’ll like about it: You can never go wrong with Hello Kitty. A woman who doesn’t like it isn’t really a woman.

3. Belle du Jour 2013 Planner, P598
What it says about you: That you want to help her keep her shit organized for the coming year. This ultra-sleek and useful planner comes with time-management principles, goal-achieving tips, and, best of all, freebies and coupons.
What she’ll like about it: “You had me at freebies and coupons,” we imagine them saying.

4. EFFEGI Clutch Bag, P599
What it says about you: That you don’t want her to strain her arm with all those bags she always carries around. Tell her she only needs one decent bag…and that this is it! Add “You can put all your junk in it.” But say it nicely.
What she’ll like about it: Our metrosexual friends told us that clutch bags could also be useful for special occasions, like dates and cocktail parties. The same friends also told us that this bag’s animal print is “just to die-for” and that “I, err, she will totally hug you for this!”

5. I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella, P655
What it says about you: That romance still counts for you. With the end of the Twilight series (finally!) and with the looming threat brought upon by the 50 Shades of Grey series, give your girl something else to fantasize about aside from Christian Grey. (But we’re not saying Grey is no good. The S&M stuff there is pretty much porn on paper.)
What she’ll like about it: It’s a romantic chick-lit book. Ergo, it’s for them.Trust us, Sophie Kinsella’s stories are the way to go.

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