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Oct 31, 2014
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Megaworld Lifestyle Malls and Eastwood City have transformed the whole Eastwood Central Plaza into a zombie-infested haunted prison house, and they’re inviting all zombie hunters and thrill-seekers to come!

Inspired by the hit comic and TV series The Walking Dead, the plaza-turned-zombie den is now filled with at least 25 flesh-hungry walkers that’ll make you scream like little girls.

And just last night, October 30, we got the chance to test our manhood by taking on this zombie-packed horror maze. Read on to see what happened!

Warning signs: Meant to be ignored.

Here's a watch tower just in case some zombies try to escape. Freeeedom!

Now let's enter the horror prison house! Okay, WTF is that thing doing on the wall?! 

If this half-chewed body's real, we're calling the cops! Pulis! Pulis!

NEXT: Zo-om-bieeeeess!