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True Stories: Just Letting You Know

Unzipping pants, one humiliating story at a time
| Jun 3, 2013
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I was a Biology teacher in an all-girls exclusive college. Part of my class rules was no cellphones. If I caught them texting in class, I would read their text aloud and keep their phone until the end of the day. Being a role model, my cellphone was set to vibrate.

After lecturing, I gave them an activity. I received a text message, so I went to the back of the room and read it, making sure that they wouldn’t see me. I was surprised that it came from one of the group leaders in class, and the text was, "Sir, zipper." I was so embarrassed! I closed my fly and collected their activity results. Afterwards, I texted her, "Thank you."
Glenn Rualo, by email


Illustration Gilbert Daroy
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