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It was a Friday night. After an exhausting work week without a single good night’s sleep, my office mates and I decided to let it rip in a videoke bar. After some singing and drinking, the alcohol finally started to kick in. I must admit that I turn into quite the dancer when I’ve had a drink or two. My office mates dared me to do a cartwheel. I failed and all the alcohol went straight to my head and then things started to get blurry.

After karaoke, we decided to go to my officemate’s place. I started vomiting everywhere: in the taxi, on the street lamp by the corner, on the road, until we reached our friend’s house. I collapsed right then and there, but during the night I would wake people up just to vomit. The last thing I remember was dragging myself in the toilet and falling asleep below the sink right beside the toilet bowl. My friends didn’t forget to commemorate the moment by taking a photo of me sleeping. They made it a meme and shared it with the officemates who weren’t there. Such nice friends I have.
—Engell, via Facebook

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Illustration Gilbert Daroy