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FHM Year Ender: Class of 2012

We hand out our own hand-crafted awards to everyone who made 2012 interesting!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 3, 2013
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Ending all sorts of things is a grand tradition around here. We have our weekender, we have our World Ender, and now you're about to read our end-of-the-year awards. Here we dole out imaginary trophies to the best (and some of the worst) that the year delivered right smack to our faces (and Facebook pages.) Needless to say, 2012 had been eventful, filled with triumphs (hooray for the RH bill!), heartbreakers (Pacquiao, down! Pacquiao, down!) and also, funny stuff (we're looking at you, Tito Sotto's bigote.) So join us as we look back at the year that was!

The most memorable headlines of the year. Among them: Robert Blair Carabuena and Amalayer Girl who became shining examples why you can never be too nice in the era of phone cams and the Internet; Tito Sotto who did a real-life parody of Iskul Bukol, and faced accusations of senatorial incompetence coming from all imaginable angles; Pacquiao who got KO'd by what he called a "lucky pants," the ignominy pushed only further by the fact that it was a bitter rival who delivered the blow; and lest we forget, m*therfucking "Gangnam Style," which became the YouTube generation's version of the "Macarena," this season's "Teach Me How To Dougie," and every Christmas party's instant dose of overused comedy.

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Here now are the babes who made us go wow. Bianca Peralta totally scorched this website during her turn as our 100% Hottie. Jinri Park still reigned supreme as Best Koreana in the Philippines. Lovi Poe and Anne Curtis made the big screen sizzle with their numerous movies. Gwen Garci made a comeback, while Gi Tongi returned like she never left at all. These, and more noise-making babes made it to our list for 2012.     

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The movies, actors, actresses, songs, bands, and TV shows that got us hyped. From Christopher Nolan's epic closer, The Dark Knight Rises to Cinemalaya hits, Ang Nawawala and Bwakaw, 2012 was a good year to be a movie addict. OPM surely wasn't dead with a new album from Up Dharma Down; Frank Ocean and Deftones rocked our ears; and Morrissey, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Sting were just some of the top acts who dropped by our country this year. The zombie invasion continued with The Walking Dead, while local TV ratings was set on fire by the teleserye, Walang Hanggan

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The athletes that inspired, and the losses that had us going "Hell, no." Obviously, the latter involves Pacquiao, who we hopes makes a succesful comeback, good health and all. The London Olympics mesmerized us with its fancy gymnasts and Cheetah-like sprinters. And, Lebron James finally won a ring.

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The smartphones, tablets, and phablets that we geeked over. The games that stole a huge chunk of our otherwise productive man-hours. The hype over soon-to-be-released gadgets. And Windows releases Windows 8.

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It's never easy to say goodbye to people who made a mark in our lives. This year, we had to do just that as Dolphy bade us a final farewell. He, and other people of great significance can be found in the 2012 edition of FHM's "In Memoriam."

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