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Flappy Bird Madness: 6 Tips To Improve Your Score

It might look simple, even crappy, but don't be fooled, Flappy Bird can be a really tough game to beat! Here are a few basic tips you can use to get a better score.
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 6, 2014
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Move over Angry Birds, there's a new, highly-addictive birdie in town!

Flappy Bird, a game that has a single feathered star, is now taking the world of apps by storm. It's currently the No. 1 app on iTunes! The game involves you guiding a lone bird through gaps between pipes by tapping on the screen. Sounds easy enough? Think again.


See? It might look like a '90s game (Hello, Super Mario!) but, we tell you, this one has the potential to make you rage quit in frustration. Herein lies the charm of Flappy Bird: a game so simplistic in nature you're left dumbfounded by how hard you suck at it.

Go on, try it. Head over to Google Play or iTunes to DL it now for free.

But before you hit start; do your stress level a favor: Equip yourself first with our basic Flappy Bird playing tips! Check them out below—and here's to hoping you get a better score than ONE!


flappy bird tips

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Don't tap away just for the heck of it; learn to have a basic "in-game rhythm." By that we mean following a consistent speed you're comfortable with, not a tapping spree that goes slow at one point and fast on another. Once you settle with your own rhythm, you'll find the timing to be easier letting you get past more pipes.


flappy bird tips

One basic mistake newbie Flappy Bird players commit is tapping on the middle of the screen. This is a no-no because of one big reason: It limits what you see since a lot of the action takes place at that part of the display.

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