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Oct 21, 2013
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For almost two years, we waited, waited, and then waited some more. The Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose fell to an injury in the 2011 Playoffs, and underwent a long, challenging period of recovery that’s only about to conclude.

In his absence, questions formed in the minds of NBA fans. Will he ever be as explosive? Just when exactly will he return? Will he be as electrifying as ever?

The sample size of on-court evidence that answers these questions is small at this point. But this one dunk performed in a preseason game against the Indiana Pacers—Rose’s first real NBA dunk in a long while—answers a lot:


Will he ever be as explosive? Just when exactly will he return? Will he be as electrifying as ever? If the clip above is to be believed, the answer we have is, “Yes, Derrick Rose is ready to return and take over in the NBA, and is just as explosive, and as electrifying as he has ever been.”

Seeing him set the court ablaze in a one-man fastbreak that ends in a signature Rose dunk is truly satisfying especially when you know just how much the man has been through, and when you know just how much basketball means to the alpha Bull.

And for Derrick Rose, basketball means everything.

Scratch that. For Derrick Rose, basketball IS everything.

A true son of Chicago, Rose was born in the city’s Engelwood area, and raised as a basketball player by his mother Brenda Rose, and brothers, Dwayne, Reggie, and Allan. With a strong basketball family supporting him, Derrick would go on to become the number one pick in the 2008 NBA Draft by his hometown Bulls, later capturing the league’s MVP Award in 2011.

For one to accomplish such lofty achievements in the world’s top basketball league, basketball really has to be your everything. This is a quality that Rose definitely exemplifies, and is conveyed powerfully in this promotional video by adidas:


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