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Jun 4, 2010
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Truth be told, we here at FHM are still gushing over the fact that showbiz blueblood Max Eigenmann proudly covered our FHM June 2010 issue.

Blame it on her supermodel looks, her racy yet sexy photos, even her scandalous jeans – blame it on her.

But perhaps the biggest buzz came from her family tree: sister to actor Sid Lucero, half-sister to fellow hottie Andi Eigenmann, and niece to the equally seductive Cherie Gil.
A fine discovery we have made, despite the showbiz royalty that surrounds her. Her surname alone makes her all the more enticing.

Inspired by this awesome moment, we have found 4 secret hot siblings of famous celebrities that could very well follow Max Eigenmann’s footsteps in a perfect world.

And someday, even follow Ara Mina & Cristine Reyes and Ehra & Michelle Madrigal’s footsteps.



Nadine Ramos Howell
Meet Nadine Ramos Howell, sister of pretty actress Rhian Ramos. While she looks more tamed than her celebrity sibling, Nadine could very well follow Rhian’s footsteps, seeing how closely identical these girls are.
Rhian’s pretty little sister is finally growing up, and hopefully ventures into the mainstream soon.

Nadine is currently busy doing fashion modeling, which we hope would be a pathway to a future FHM cover, much like how Max Eigenmann made our pages. She has the right stuff to do so, as seen here.

Saab Magalona
The late great Francis M has done well in terms of family breeding – his gorgeous daughter Maxene and son Elmo are now bona fide celebrities. Another sibling however, has caught our attention: 21-year old Saab Magalona.
Saab is a semi-celebrity in Twitter world, boasting over 44,000 followers on her account. She has done some TV work in the past as well, appearing in TV5’s Lipgloss back in 2008.

Based on her online celebrity status, it can only be a matter of time before this fashionista makes it big, citing how talented the Magalona family is. Young and fab Saab has been around town, as seen in her blog.