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A History of Bad Dads

We give you a 33-day head start before Father's Day on who you shouldn't be to your kids, if you already have some

May 14, 2013
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Now that Mother's Day is over it's time to pay tribute to that other person who made you into who you are today: Daddy!

Flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards (not to mention, mix-tapes like this one) won't save you this time—unless your dad is the mushy type, so we suggest you start planning your Boy's Night Out with Dad a little early. Here's an example of a fun night, courtesy of a cuddly, swear-y bear...

Okay, so your mom won't likely approve of the above activity, which of course should make you happy because that means she's not as half as bad as these moms. So what you should do? We say just make your old man happy, and then thank the heavens that he's not like these Bad Dads...


Who’s also: Father of Motown legend Marvin Gaye Jr.
Bad daddy deed: He hated the idea of his son foraying into pop music because it allegedly leads to the loss of one's soul. Marvin Jr. presented him with a million-dollar check and wrote songs dedicated to his old man. His father answered back by shooting his own kid to death. Rumor has it "Let's Get It On" was written with Marvin Sr. in mind—just kidding!


Who’s also:
Grand Prince of Moscow and ruler of the Russian empire between 1533 and 1547
Bad daddy deed: Crippled his own son to death. He also had episodic fits of rage, and at one point even gave his pregnant daughter-in-law a beat-down (and a miscarriage) for dressing “inappropriately.” His bad dad swan song came when he smacked his own son in the head after an argument, killing him in the process.


Who’s also:
Former NBA player and Basketball Hall of Famer
Bad daddy deed: Calvin Murphy is one of the league’s all-time pure shooters, but his personal life is a series of fouls. He knocked up nine women and produced 14 illegitimate children in his heyday, five of which he allegedly abused sexually. Calvin was acquitted of all charges. Now 64, let’s hope his nuts have also gone into retirement.

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From the Starter section of FHM's May 2013 issue