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Going Mansanas

Recall that thing they say about an apple a day? Not true!

by Ronjay Eduvas | Jun 29, 2010
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My friend and I were at a dinner party hosted by her aunt. There were a lot of people and the party was in full swing. Tita, visibly pleased at how great her party was going, signaled to the maid to bring out her special lechon for carving. She called the maid back, realizing the importance of the entrance of her special suckling pig to the success of her party.

She badgered the maid, “Wag kalimutan! Yung mansanas sa bibig! Mansanas sa bibig!” she was hell-bent on making this party perfect. True enough, the grand entrance of the roasted lechon was a sight to behold: piled high on a silver platter, proudly carried by the maid while the crisp, red apple was clenched between her jaws. 


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