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Dec 25, 2014
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In line with the release of our January 2015 issue on Monday, December 29, it's time for another edition of the FHM Cover Girl Guessing Game!

Focus, FHM Nation. You've got to finish the year on a winning note!

Here's a glimpse at our next Cover Girl:

January 2015

Judging from the photo above, it looks like our mystery girl is fond of all things white and furry. Is it possible that she's got her hands on a shih tzu? A Persian cat, maybe? She could be hugging a polar bear, for all we know. It feels like we're going off track here. Sorry about that.

If you're still having a hard time figuring out who she is, maybe our teaser video can help. Press play on the video below for more clues!

And our final guessing game of the year begins!

As previously mentioned, FHM's January 2015 issue will hit newsstands and bookstores everywhere starting this Monday, December 29, but the good news is we will reveal the identity of our Cover Girl a day before. So make sure to swing by the site this weekend for the big reveal, alright?

In the meantime, proceed to the comments section below to throw out your guesses. We can't wait for this thing to come out!