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Apr 27, 2015
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Ready your manghuhula powers, ladies and gents: It's FHM Guess Who time!

Who do you think is our cover girl for May 2015?

Here's a sneak peek:

fhm guess who

Okay, so that's not much. But hey, you like being challenged, right?

Anyway, a closer look will net you a few more clues. First things first, focus on the skin: smooth  and white with at least a couple of moles on the chest area. That narrows down the choices to...still a lot. How about the hairwavy with a color that reminds us of our fave coffee mocha drink.

Still not enough? Check out her pinkish lips and that dainty smile that goes great with what looks to be a multi-colored top. In other words, our next muse has great, mala-porselana skin, non-black wavy hair, a cute smile, and can pull off clothes with vibrant colors!

Still not enough? This teaser video is your final clue:

Do you know who she is already? Head to the comments section below for your (hopefully) intelligent guesses!

Our May 2015 issue will hit newsstands and bookstores everywhere this week. And for those who can't wait, we'll reveal our cover girl's identity within the next few days. #HulaPaMore