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Guess Who: Our August 2013 Cover Girl!

This is her time!
by Mikey Agulto | Jul 25, 2013
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FHM Nation, our August 2013 issue is expected to hit newsstands and bookstores nationwide this coming Monday, July 29!

We kind of let one slip during last month's FHM guessing game with Alodia Gosiengfiao, so we're being extra confidential with the teaser materials we're publishing this time around. Truth be told, we're a couple of guessing game losses away from throwing in the towel for good and just reveal the names and faces of our cover girls straight out, because y'all are a bunch of Nostradamus incarnates.

But hey, we're pretty confident we'll score one for our team this August. So here's another one, below is a glimpse at our next cover girl...

FHM August Teaser

Oh, what say you? You just saw the funnest portion of our juiciest cover of the year! Question is, who's the gorgeous celebrity behind those beautiful funbags? Maybe our exclusive teaser video could help you out in this one. Click on this link to watch it!

And the guessing game begins!

As mentioned, our August 2013 wil come out on Monday, July 29. However, we'll be revealing who the above gifted-bosomed woman is tomorrow, July 28! We strongly advise you to keep checking up on us, lest you want your FOMO to act up.

In the meantime, proceed to our comments section below to throw out your guesses! Good luck, bros!

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