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FHM Translator: Your Guide to Lazy Youth Lingo

OOTD, OG, Steeze, and a whole lot more words and terms your father doesn't know, explained!
by Ash Mahinay | Jun 26, 2013
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There has always been a generation gap between the lingo of the young and old. It’s getting worse thanks to text language turning terms from actual words to arcane strings of letters (MOMOL being an early offender). Pretending to understand what someone just said when everyone else knows it sucks–and you don’t have to live like this. That's why we’ve put our ear on the streets to try to figure out some of the slang flying around.

You’ll often see the following words/terms online since that’s where life happens nowadays (sigh, #kot). We also left out baklese, 'cause you don’t need us to annoy you with that as well. Now scroll down below, read up, and YOLO!


Gratuitous Picture of Yourself
Was formerly the evolution of selfie, but now, a picture hashtagged GPOY doesn’t even actually have to include you–it can be something that represents your mood or character.

Fear of Missing Out
That paralyzing sensation you get when there’s a totally rad event and everyone is going–except you.

For example:
BALLER 1: Do you have tickets to the NBA game in Manila yet? James Harden preeee
BALLER 2: Not yet! I need to soon–my FOMO is acting up.

Outfit of the Day
The beloved tag of vain people everywhere, it doesn’t matter if your outfit looks like it was put together in the dark–confidence is key, gang!

Also see its brother:
WIWT or What I Wore Today

4. PM
Personal/Private Message (or Direct Message in the Twitterverse)
Often declared out loud in less private settings to build intrigue instead of just sending the damn message.

For example:
Chicserifics’ Chat Room
BOY 1: Hey what are you doing tonight?
GIRL: I’ll PM you.
BOY 2: Alam na.

NEXT: #KOT, OG, and the new meaning of "crush"!

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