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Mar 4, 2014
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FHM Nation, let's all greet Jessica Biel a Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

The former 7th Heaven star, who turns 32 today, has long caught our eye as one of the hottest Jessicas in Hollywood (and there are lots of them, mind you). It's a real shame that we don't get to see her gorgeous bum on the big screen that often anymore—perhaps the downside of being Mrs. Justin Timberlake—but we're not giving up just yet. Somehow, someday, we just know that we'll see another GIF-worthy scene from you again, much like the ones we're about to share to our readers below!

So why are we crazy about J-Biel? Let us count the ways:

Because she gives that other pole-dancing Jessica (Alba in Sin City) a run for her money

Jessica Biel

Because those puckers are to die for (even though she has horse teeth)

Jessica Biel
Because before Katniss Everdeen, there was Abigail Whistler from Blade: Trinity

Jessica Biel

Because you will not be able to get her O-face out of your system

Jessica Biel

Because she's the cutest nose bleeder we've ever seen

Jessica Biel
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