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The New York Yankees, winners of last year’s World Series, has just gotten their championship rings today, April 14, 2010. [firstpara] And among them was one Hideki Matsui, a Japanese baseball player, who goes by the nickname Godzilla. If you have to ask why, well let’s just say that he’s quite a monster of a ball player. He’s the reigning World Series MVP, after all.

Held in Yankees Stadium before the game between the Yankees, and Hideki’s new team, the L.A. Angels, all was going pretty well in the awarding ceremonies. Everyone proceeded to get their rings, and everyone cheered. Finally, Hideki’s name was announced, and on he went to receive his ring amidst what Yahoo! Sports described to be the loudest cheers of the day. Here’s the video:

It was all cool, except for one little thing: Hideki’s ring was a fake. Kim Jones of Yes Network tweets : “Loudest cheer for Matsui. And Jeter punked him with fake ring in box. Gave him real ring during player intros. Matsui and Angels laughing.”

Good one, Mr. Jeter. Seeing multi-millionaire sports athletes do something silly in the spirit of prank-ology is always awesome. Doing it in the middle of something as momentous as a ring ceremony can only be more epic. So now, here are a couple more pranks, as performed by our favorite athletes.