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Jul 15, 2015
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What will you do if one night, while you're sound asleep, you suddenly wake up after feeling a slight drop in temperature? You also begin to hear creepy whispers, and start seeing a little girl standing in font of you. Your mind then starts to argue: Is she lost? Does she need to go to the bathroom? And why the hell is she floating?


Scary as f***, we know, but before you write to the Vatican or go call an exorcist, let us tell you that the GIF above is just part of an eloborate prank set up by one techie joker who's in the middle of a prank war with his girlfriend.

If we were to judge, this prank didn't only win him the battle by frightening the life out of his girl, he also made it clear that pranking has a very bright future.

So how did he pull this one off? Simple. All you need is a projector, an invisible screen, and mad video rendering skills. Pranks are getting really geeky, you know.

Don't forget the night vision cameras, too!

And of course, the unknowing victim. Is pranking your girlfriend an "in" thing now?

Let the scare-fest begin!

At first, she was like: "Was that a li'l girl standing in front of me? Nah, I'm just dreaming."

Then things went a little Insidious-y!

Yes, she's coming for you, honey.

BULAGAAA! (And no, that's not her nipple.)

Hush. She's gone now.

Oh, she's back. Spoke too soon.

Alright, boy, you have the whole night to explain now. Good luck! (Great prank, though!)

To watch the full prank, check out the video below:

Video via PrankvsPrank 's YouTube Channel