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FHM Bro Advice: How Not To Dance At A Rave!

A dance festival, the United Republiq 2013, is happening this week. Here we teach you how to dougie...or not!
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 19, 2013
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In recent years, there has been a massive uptick in music festivals of all sorts. Traditional rock concerts. Surf fests. Toothpaste-sponsored gatherings. Niche/art communes. Dance festivals. Indeed, this is a generation that hasn’t been shy to flock in massive congregations in the pursuit of good music to party along to all night long.

This is because it’s fun to let loose in a big festival with loud music filling the air. In spite of crowds big enough for a closet dancer to balk at, a festival is a place where people can just bust out the moves and dance like no one’s looking.

If you want to see for yourself, well, you’re in luck because this week there’s a dance/rave festival happening right in Manila.

The United Republiq 2013 festival—an all-nighter of a party put together by Republiq Club—is all set to take place on Thursday, November 21, at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds! Along with top local DJs, it will be headlined by earth-shaking electronic acts DJ Axwell from the group formerly known as Swedish House Mafia, Dutch house DJ Nicky Romero, and Swedish duo, No_ID.

What's more, we've just gotten word that the proceeds from this concert will go to Yolanda relief efforts! Cheers to Republiq! You're doing a great thing!

                                                            Click here to buy tickets now! Or you can also
                                                              call 0917-5508888 to reserve a VIP table!

So if you want to jumpstart your festive spirit for the upcoming Christmas season, here’s a party that’s as awesome to crash as any. Of course, we're not just going to crash this party; we're going to blitz the festival grounds with the most happenin' dance moves. And we're going to teach you too how we're going to do it.

Below, our checklist on what to do and what to avoid when dancing in dance festivals!

1) Wild flailing of arms: DON'T!

With all that energy coming from the music, your limbs will feel loose, and will sometimes explode with great energy. Control it! You don't want to hit the people around you!

2) Classic Headbobbing: DO!

It's a beginner move, but it's one that always works. It's just you enjoying the music. Don't do it for the entire duration of the show though, unless you want bulging neck muscles. And don't overdo it like metal dude above!

3) Dougie: DON'T!

Unless you're Kate Upton, you have no excuse to do the dougie in a dance festival. And since we're on the topic of Kate Upton, here's another Kate Upton gif:

4) The jump, jump, jump, jump, jump: DO!

It's the perfect release of energy! And since you're just jumping up and down, there's little danger of you hitting the other people around you. Again, try not to overdo it or you'll be facing the dreaded leg cramps!

5) The moshpit: DON'T!

Do you see a dude killing the crowd with massive guitar riffage up front? Any drummers murdering the drums? Vocalists banging their heads? No? Then don't start a moshpit, man! This ain't a rock concert!

NEXT: No more Kate Upton in the next page, but a Shakira GIF booty-twirl might do!

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