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How Some Chinese Citizens Are Now Riding Escalators After That Horrific Accident

We really can't blame them for taking "drastic" measures
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 31, 2015

By now you probably know all about that nightmarish escalator mishap in China that resulted in the death of a 30-year-old mother (who heroically was able to save her child before doom set in).

Reports say it was basically an accident that could've been easily prevented. Apparently, maintenance had just been done on the escalator, and workers forgot to place the screws on one of the panels of the contraption where the victim fell into. The result: A dead mother, a broken family, and a ton of traumatized minds on the Internet.

Admit ityou also felt a bit iffy riding an escalator after learning of this tragedy! Don't worry; you're not alone.

Below are examples of how a few Chinese are making sure that they won't meet a similar horrific fate when riding an escalator.

She might look awkward, but can you really blame her?

escalator accidentGIF via Weibo.com

Who would've thought an umbrella can be a safety tool when riding an escalator?

escalator accidentGIF via Weibo.com

This guide on how to safely get off an escalator has been creating quite a buzz in Weibo, China's Facebook-like social network. It's easy to see why.

escalator accidentImage via Weibo.com

Now this is a bit overboard. We mean, you could always take the stairs. Also, that blue board on the left says, "Watch out for head." Ironic much?

escalator accidentImage via Weibo.com

We don't know if they're just trying to be funny or playing a different kind of lusutan. In any case, please don't ever attempt this.

escalator accidentImage via Weibo.com

We totally get the idea here, and we might just do the same. Saving our (and our kids') skin in exchange for looking a bit dorky? We accept!

escalator accidentGIF via Weibo.com

So does this mean gymnasts are safe? Probably. Is this the right way to ensure escalator safety? Probably not.

escalator accidentImage via Uk.news.yahoo.com

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