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How to Trap Insects

Even imaginary things can be funny
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jul 31, 2012
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On a dinner visit at a barkada’s house, I got news that a friend’s cousin died of dengue, and got warned how all of us should be extra careful around mosquitoes. Then I heard a sudden real buzzing sound near my left ear, so I asked if my friend’s house had mosquitoes. They took one look and they all laughed at me. I asked why, but they all laughed harder. Then I heard another buzz near my left ear and tried to trace where the sound was coming from. I thought they set a prank on me but when I flipped my heavy and curly hair, I saw a huge fly trapped in it. “So, this is why”, I said, as I released the poor fly.
Harkhakel, by email

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