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#HUGOT VIDEO OF THE DAY: 'Pastillas Girl' And Her Bittersweet Recipe

'<em>Tapos paghaluin mo ung</em> powdered <em>at</em> condensed milk. <em>Tutal, sanay ka namang pagsabay-sabayin lahat, 'di ba</em>?'
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 8, 2015
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The #hugot trend has really been gaining steam. From NBA plays and EDSA traffic to #walangforever memes, bored creative minds have come up with ways to incorporate emo, melancholic lines into just about anything, even if it's something totally unrelated to the subject.

And it looks like this social media phenomenon is about to gain even more oomph, thanks to no other than the pretty girl in the video below (warning: strong language, up ahead!):

Paano daw gumawa ng Pastillas?

Hugot na hugot! Hahaha Hello sa babaeng nasa video na to :D#jm88

Posted by Tee Radio on Monday, September 7, 2015

Might as well call that the "bittersweet pastillas" recipe.

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The video was uploaded to the Tee Radio Facebook page and, in just 16 hours, has garnered these whopping stats (as of this writing):

- Almost 26,000 likes
- Almost 14,500 shares
- Over 800,000 views

Her identity is still unknown to most of the public, but that didn't stop the Internet to christen her as "Pastillas Girl." And it's easy to see why she's getting a ton of love: Her overly pranka and sarcastic way of speaking and the odd humor produced by using a mundane subject to hit out at what we can only assume as a cheating bro has produced a clip many of us can relate to.

And, c'mon, admit it: You're crushing on her right now, aren't you?

Who here thinks she and this Pinoy poet make for an intriguing couple?

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