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This Cute Ice Cream Crepe Vendor's Got The Internet Drooling

We have no idea what an ice cream popiah is, but we'll eat anything this sexy vendor is selling!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Nov 14, 2014
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Hungry? Why not grab a bite of the Taiwanese street food ice cream popiah (peanut ice cream crepe). It's delicious, it's creamy, and it's made by this sweet-looking lady:

Photos and videos of the sexy ice cream popiah maker have been circulating the web, particularly in Singapore and Japan. We're not sure whether they're drooling over the dessert or the maker herself, but we bet it's the latter.

Play the video below and you'll see that she's not all looks; she's also a diligent worker. Miss Crepe is not fazed by all the attention (and orders) she's getting from mesmerized customers. Now we're hungry!

And because we're really curious about this lady, we went out of our way to learn more about her. Here's what we found out: To be clear, this pretty chick does sell ice cream popiahs in Taipei’s Songshan District. However, the photos and the video clips that have gone viral were in fact taken almost a year ago.

Mind you, this isn't even her first time in the spotlight. Local news networks have visited her food stall before in an attempt to get to know her better.

For those who weren't able to understand the video, our mystery girl's name is Cindy. In fact, she's been sharing her wonderful crepe-making abilities on national TV for a while now.

Attention, early morning TV shows, GET THIS GIRL ON YOUR PROGRAM NOW!


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