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Ika Schulz - FHM Online Babe February 2012

Sexy chef-to-be Ika Schulz have the right ingredients to stir you crazy.
by Ronjay Eduvas | Feb 3, 2012
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Many things about Ika Schulz hits the spot. Witness: her fine, physical form. That hits the spot. Her glowing skin, her tight behind, that smile—they all hit the spot. The fact that she loves to cook—ooh, that’s a big one. That’s a huge spot, hit.

What doesn’t quite hit the spot—what, in fact, misses the spot, by miles and miles on end—is our radar missing out on someone like her. We know, we know.

But, the important thing is we found her, and here she is, and we promise never to let her go.

Can you tell us more about yourself?
I’m 18 years old and I love reading books like Shopaholic, Cocktails for Three, and Remember Me. Mostly girly novels.

That’s nice. How long have you been modeling?
I think since 4th year high school, I was still 16 back then. It started when I joined a beauty contest, then may nag-alok na sa akin ng photo shoot. Then after that, ramp [modeling] naman.

And how do you find it so far?
Masaya siya. I love what I’m doing. Gusto ko rin talagang mapasama sa Philippine Fashion Week.

We just finished a daring photo shoot.
Actually, first time ko ngang mag-suot ng thongs kanina. Nung una medyo naiilang ako, pero ok naman. For art naman siya.

And now that you’ve worn it, will you buy one for personal use?
Baka hindi pa din. Ha ha ha!

You strike at first as a suplada type. Did we have the right impression?
Approachable ako and madali talaga akong maka-close. In fact, ayako talaga sa lahat yung may makaka-away ako or makakasamaan ng loob.

Say in a bar, would you be kind enough to talk to a total stranger?
Lapitan niya lang ako, tanungin niya ako, I’ll entertain you naman. Hindi naman ako yung parang snob, or I’ll just shoo you away. Hindi naman ako ganun.

And what would turn the switch-off of a kind and entertaining Ika?
Siguro kapag mukhang bastos saka hindi katiwa-tiwala. Yung mga tipo ng taong garabe kung makatingin. Yung titigan ka mulo ulo hanggang paa. Parang tingin pa lang hubad ka na. Ma-feel mo din kasi yun.

We exactly know the culprit on why they would be staring at you on such manner. How do you handle these kinds of situations?
Ignore na lang. Hindi ko naman kasi sila kailangan na tignan din sila. Meron din minsan sa mga bars, yung iba grabe makadikit, hahawakan ka bigla sa shoulders, mga nagta-take advantage, Yung mga ganun talaga, ini-ignore ko na lang.

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