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Nov 10, 2014
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How's it going, FHM Nation? If the happenings included in last week's FHM Gimik Guide are any indication, our guess is you all had a hell of a weekend. And chances are you blame Monday for pooping on your party yet again. Ugh.

It's perfectly understandable. Mondays are when traffic is at its worst. Workload is at its heaviest. Time is at its slowest. Energy is at its lowest. If you want to survive the rest of the week, you must absolutely do your best not to lose your shit on a Monday. Our advice? Suck it up like a man.

Or you can go on Instagram, which is rich in motivational quotessome of which are provided by the Girls of FHM. On a day like this, it's actually the one thing that keeps us going. Scroll down for some inspirational IG posts from the likes of Marian Rivera, Erika Padilla, and Beauty Gonzalez, among others!

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