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Instapet: Pretty Babes and Their Alagas!

Pets: Gotta love 'em!
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 4, 2013
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Go give your pets a big fat hug and a lot of lovin', the patron saint of pets, St. Francis of Assisi's feast day is today, October 4! We know it isn't much, but any reason to celebrate those little bundles of joy deserves a special shout out.

In this week's edition of FHM Instasexy, the babes share the spotlight with their adorable alagas. Scroll down to see the teenie-weenie benefits of being a pet lover! 

1. You may not be a toddler anymore, but your doggie sure is. Thus, the perfect excuse to set up an inflatable kiddie pool in front of your house. No, sir, your argument is invalid. #RyzaCenon


2. You just saw pictures of your high school friend's newborn baby on Facebook, you're feeling just a tad bit jealous, and you just badly want to cradle someone right now. Oh, hello there, doggie! #PauleenLuna


3. You're not wearing any make-up and your pajama's looking all too sloppy, but with a selfie in your hand and a shih-tzu on the other, everything's gonna be alright. #SolennHeussaff


4. Miley Cyrus is getting a lot of flak for those skimpy outfits, and you don't want to garner that kind of attention. This pup ought to steal your thunder as you walk down the hall in a mid-rib. #ColeenGarcia

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