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Jan 20, 2012
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A rather significant thought crossed our feeble minds one night: we’ve long been making fun of the idea of an apocalypse, but what if the world will indeed meet its demise on December 21st?

Clock is ticking, the world is on a constant countdown, and we’re not even doing anything about it? So our attempt for a solution is this: make World Ender: Your Guide to the End of the World! Stupid and paranoid of us, yes, but at least we came up with something. Apir!

World Ender: Your Guide to the End of the World will be our last-hitch discovery of the many things we all want to check out before we check out. It’s an everyday man’s year-long bucket list, from the people we’ve always wanted to meet to the things we would never dare try otherwise. Okay wait – these are simply the things we wanna try anyway, world ending or not.

The Mayan calendar marks December 21 as judgment day, so for cleverness’ sake, we’ve decided to release ALL end of the world stories on the 21st day of the month, every month! Starting tomorrow, January 21, we’re kicking off our guide with this month’s theme, Uncharted Territories – a series of features catered to cross our traveler aspirations off our bucket list.

This pseudo-awesome-pathetic idea of ours will go on ‘til December comes, mind you, which is why we are launching this thing as early as now. Check back on our pages tomorrow for the first of many entries in our World Ender: Your Guide to the End of the World special! Masaya to!