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Aug 21, 2013
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For a brief few minutes earlier this morning, Haring Araw decided to peek from behind the clouds, giving hope to a city being ravaged by torrential rains and floods for several days now.

flooding more fun in the philippines

As we've said, a brief few minutes.

The apocalyptic gray clouds are back and we're again bracing ourselves for another bout with mala-Ondoy rains. Still, despite the menacing weather that fits our dreaded End of Days scenarios, our dear kababayans still manage to find something to laugh and have fun about. Proof? Check out the videos below that show, come hell or (literally) high water, it's still "More Fun in the Philippines" because...

...we can have an impromptu training sesh on how to use life jackets, complete with dancing and loud music. Tindi nyo, mga pre! (Via olivermoreno1)


...you can count on friendly tambays to give you a wavy ride on a make-shift raft made out of a Styrofoam board. Sure, it looks unstable as heck but it still looks like a lot of fun, as the giggles in the vid suggest. (Via Milan Period)


NEXT: Care to take a swim in a gigantic swimming pool in the middle of the street?

Videos via YouTube