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Dec 9, 2013
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Her iconic red dress, red lipstick on, a tray of McSpicy with fries and drinks, and the famous line – “May I?” Please understand that no guy in their right mind would ever decline your request, Ms. Jessy Mendiola. Have you all seen this video?


In line with McDonald's quest to spice-up more ordinary afternoons, here are eight terribly unlucky dudes who could use a surprise visit from Jessy at the moment. Take a break, gentlemen. You deserve it!

Manny Pacquiao
Between boxing, politics, and taxes, Pac-Man could sure could use a break with a babe like Jessy. But Jinkee must not know about this, okay?

Jessy Mendiola

Walter White (Spoiler Alert!)
If you follow Breaking Bad, you'd know how unfortunate Walter's life had become. His wife cheated on him, his son has cerebral palcy, he went into business with all the wrong people, and worse, he's got cancer. Good thing he already checked out, but if it's up to us, we would have his character spend one last afternoon with Jessy.

Jessy Mendiola

Juan Ponce Enrile
You could tell by the way he ignored Miriam's tirade against him last Wednesday that he's just tired of it all. A man this old and fragile should be playing Bejeweled alongside Jessy at a fastfood chain, not in the Senate.

Jessy Mendiola

Phil Younghusband
Breakups are hard. So let’s make it easier for Phil and give him a special spicy afternoon with an angelic-looking Jessy. What, too soon?

Jessy Mendiola
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