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Jinri Park Is A Bikini-Clad Chun-Li In Her Newest Cosplay Shoot!

This will make you want to play Street Fighter once again.
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Oct 30, 2015
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We're not new to seeing Jinri Park doing cosplays. We've seen her dressed-up as the fiery Sailor Mars, and our brains once turned to Jell-O when we saw here inside a skin-tight Psylocke costume.

Now, FHM's favorite koreana is back on the cosplay track, and she's adding one of the most iconic female characters in gaming to her cosplay resume.

Prepare to drool, fellas! Here's Jinri as Street Fighter's Chun-Li—in sexy summer fashion!

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Fighters also deserve a break, don't they?

This cosplay project was the brainchild of master lensman Jay Tablante. According to Jay, the idea for the shoot came to him when he went to the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con back in July. There he saw a tarpaulin featuring Chun-Li drawn with skimpy clothing at the UDON (the official art company of CAPCOM) booth.


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Inspired by what he saw, he immediately thought of coming up with a cosplay version of the illustration. And of course, Jinri was the obvious choice to play the fast-hitting leggy femme fatale's role.

We know you want more so here are a few behind-the-scenes snaps (thanks, Jay!):


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Here's something to get you even more excited: According to Jay, this is only the first of many sexy "at the beach" cosplay shoots inspired by popular pop culture characters. Apparently, they got the idea of making it a series when they posted a teaser for this shoot on Facebook. A guy commented "this just ruined my childhood... in a good way!" on the post and from there Jinri agreed on the concept of making similarly-themed shoots.

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They then named the series "Ruin Your Childhood"—a collection of cosplay versions of characters we had crushes on as kids.


So, which character from your childhood do you want Jinri to "ruin" next? Feel free to share it on our Facebook page or the comments section below!

Photography Jay Tablante

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