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Dec 4, 2013
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Boy, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago sure wasn't kidding about her promise to deliver a super intense privilege speech against Senate minority leader Juan Ponce Enrile for his alleged involvement in the 10 billion-peso pork barrell scam.

During a Senate session earlier today, December 4, the notoriously sharp-tongued senator challenged Enrile to a televised debate on the PDAF scam and called her fellow senator a "mastermind of plunder," "the king of smuggling, gambling, and illegal logging empires," and a "hypersexualized serial womanizer," among others. Oh, it is so on.

Enrile retaliated in his own way by laughing and playing with his tablet in the middle of Santiago's speech. Press play on the clip below to hear Miriam's tirade against "Lolo Asim":


We've yet to see how Enrile plans to even the score after today's debacle, but given his own tirade against Miriam last week, we trust that he's got a few tricks up his sleeve as well. We know this sounds stupid, but we're totally having a field day with these two. Are you?

In this week's edition of Mano A Mano, we're pitting two of the most war-freak senators in the history of Philippine politics. So who's the better trash talker? Scroll down to find out!

Juan Ponce Enrile