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Dec 19, 2013
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The year is about to end, but one politician has one last pasabog to get Filipino netizens brandishing their social media spears like it’s Jeane Napoles’s debut party all over again.

That politician is Makati Mayor Junjun Binay, son of Vice President Jejomar Binay, brother to Senator Nancy Binay, and, as of December 18, 2013, the bane of security guards posted at posh subdivision gates everywhere.


Wait, what?

Yes, on that date, Inquirer.net obtained and published a video of Junjun and a convoy of four vehicles (one of which had Sen. Nancy as a passenger) being prevented from exiting through the restricted Banyan gate in Dasmariñas Village in Makati.

The guards stood their ground upon village regulations that the gate was closed to any traffic at a designated time. Yet Junjun demanded to have it opened for them—the confrontation punctuated by this classy, little quote from the mayor:  "Don't you know me?!"

The end result: The police soon came, arrested the three guards, and detained them for four hours at the Makati City Police headquarters. For what? By the looks of it, simply for doing their job.

The video is posted below, which was caught by the CCTV surveillance cam of the gated community, on the midnight of November 30.


The sentiments regarding the Banyan-gate scandal, among YouTube viewers, was predictably full of ire. Here's a few of them:

To make matters even more eyebrow-raising, the security guards were instructed to say sorry. In the same Inquirer report, Ram Antonio, the head of the security agency that employs the guards in question, was quoted: “We have instructed our guards to apologize to the mayor and we have started a debriefing session."

Something about that just doesn't sound right to us. Your thoughts, FHM peeps?

And to the mayor: Junjun, yare ka sa tatay mo!