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Aug 25, 2015
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Kate Upton might have been keeping a low profile after getting involved in an internet scandal back in April but that doesn't mean that the curvy supermodel is still sulking and holing up somewhere in Los Angeles.

The Sports Illustrated supermodel is, in fact, back on her feet and has resumed her supermodel duties. She'll be appearing in the fall issue of American fashion magazine, V, where she dons a lacy white lingerie that's perfect for a honeymoon. We scooped up a preview:

Image via Vmagazineshop.com

Ah, yes. Those piercing eyes give the heartstrings a little tug and remind you how much you've actually missed her. Thankfully, she's back and here's to hoping more of her in the near future. This calls for a little victory dance!

GIF via Giphy.com