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Kathy Mori - November 2007 FHM Online Babe gives you more reasons to love Kathy Mori!<br />
| Nov 1, 2007
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INTERVIEW: Ron Jay Eduvas
PHOTOGRAPHY: Weng Barleta of Edge of Light
STYLING: Telay Robles of Yunikwita
MAKEUP: Barbi Chan of Maybelline New York
HAIR: Raymond Santiago For L’Oreal Professionel

Long before American TV series like CSI, Prison Break, Heroes, and the like came sprouting like mushrooms — with many of us buying tons of DVDs for a complete season of these world hit shows — there was a TV series that awed audiences all across the globe with its creativity. Do you remember what it was? It’s no other than the hit series “ MacGyver!”

First released in 1985, it was about a laid-back and resourceful secret agent named Angus MacGyver, who is far more creative than Agent 007 and a better escape artist than Sir Harry Houdini. Well, this guy surely thought us how to escape in locked down bars using a paper clip, how to save your life using duct tape and a Swiss knife, and how to concoct impromptu bombs – that’s Molotov for our dear democratic protestors, by just watching in front of our TV screens! MacGyver truly is the ultimate problem solver!

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