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Aug 12, 2013
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After starting the festivities with a bang at the press conference, Kobe Bryant and his entourage went to another venue where hundreds more of his fans were waiting. The agenda? A mini "talk show" hosted by Lenovo Mobile Philippines, with the five-time NBA champion as its star!

And when the man talks, everybody listens. We don't know if it's his deep voice or solid tindig, but he's like a leader on the stage, much like how we see him on the court. Long story short, we were all eyes and ears as Kobe waxed poetic about hoops and a whole range of other topics every Black Mamba fan would love and even be surprised to know. Namely...

Kobe's second favorite pastime is fishing!

kobe lenovo philippinesHala, magsawa kayo kay Kobe!

Apparently, Kobe has a thing for fishing. He revealed that, after basketball, he chills out by doing a little bit of fishing. That reminds us of Akira Sendoh, that guy from the anime Slam Dunk who also loves catching fishies. We're now wondering the size of the biggest whopper Kobe has so far caught.

Kobe's fave album is Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt

kobe lenovo philippines
The Black Mamba also is a fan of rap and hip hop. Fact is, when asked what his fave music album of all time was, he said Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt which came out in 1996 which, coincidentally, was also his first year in the NBA.

Kobe did a single with Tyra Banks


Speaking of music, did you know that, aside from being a playah, Mr. Bryant is a songer, too! It's a bit hard to envision him now as a recording artist, but the young Kobe came up with a single titled "K.O.B.E" which he made together withget this—supermodel Tyra Banks!

Kobe is a smartphone endorser!


Yes he is folks! Actually, he's the newest endorser of Lenovo Mobile and one of the major reasons he's here once again is to promote the company's brand-spankin' new flagship, the K900. He said he liked the phone's speed, thanks to it having a dual-core Intel Atom processor, as well as the camera options that makes shooting a lot easier. Enough talk, Kobe, we're sold!

Kobe is "at home" with Filipino fans

kobe lenovo philippines
'Hindi naman masyado
obvious na masaya sila, no?'

Or, to be more specific, whenever he's here he feels like he's inside the Staples Center. To that we say: You're always welcome here, bro!

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