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Are There More Women Than Men Looking To Have An Affair In The Philippines?

Leaked data from cheater site seem to say so.
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 24, 2015
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Seems to be that way, if we're going to base it on information recently leaked from, a website which, as we all know, is notorious for encouraging users to have an affair.

In case you missed it though, was hacked last month by a group called Impact Team which obviously isn't pleased with what the site stands for. True to their threats, the group then leaked sensitive info about the site's users, which number to around 32 million, last week.

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The data is now ready for downloading and viewing in the shadier parts of the web, and some have already collated the controversial data into easy-to-view tidbits.

Tecnilógica, a software firm based in Madrid, Spain, did just thatand went a little bit further. The company created a digital world map called Malfideleco (Spanish for infidelity) which pinpoints the areas of concentration of users.

As expected, a huge chunk of the users belong to Europe and North America. What's more surprising though is the fact that the Philippines looks to be a very active region.


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The spots correspond to cities where there are users, and the color shows if more than 85-percent are men (red) or women (yellow). Overall, it sure looks like there are more Pinay account holders which could possibly mean, at least for the cheater site, there are more women than men looking to have an extra-marital affair in the country. Globally though, bros are way more numerous.

Another interest tidbit: The National Capital Region is a hotbed of users, as shown in the image below:

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Tecnilógica didn't reveal any specifics (e.g. names, demographics, emails). Their interactive map though is already an interesting peek at how prevalent the tendency (or fantasy) to cheat is not only locally but worldwide. That guy/gal beside you in the compshop? That person might be praying to the gods her exploits in the site won't be exposed.

Click here to view the interactive map.

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