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Jan 16, 2014
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Move over planking. A new craze has set the Internet on fire, with none other than Miami Heat star and Greatest Player On The Planet LeBron James as its unintentional author. 

It is called "LeBroning," and it goes like this:


For the uninitiated, it's forgivable to go "WTF!" We mean, somebody bumped somebody with little to no contact, and that somebody fell down with disproportional velocity. What's happening here?

To explain it easier, this GIF and video below pretty much sum up where this whole LeBroning thing come from:


LeBron James, two-time champion and many-time All-Star and MVP, has earned a serious reputation for being one of the most disingenuous floppers in the game. LeBroning is the first great sports meme of 2014, right up there with "Mayweather-ing" (where you say negative things about an opponent that you're afraid to fight), and "Silva-ing" (where you suddenly fall down after pretending to kick something). Sorry, Anderson Silva, don't hunt us down!

LeBron fans predictably won't like it. As for the rest of us? It's another super-silly, hilariously ridiculous Internet phenomenon whose bandwagon we're about to jump in. It's also a funny way of serving justice to those that have been a victim in the NBA of ridiculous, exaggerated flops that no real basketball fan ever really approve of.

Now, because we're not the type that likes getting left behind by stupid online phenomenons, here we have our overthinker's guide on how to perform a "LeBroning."

First, a little more inspiration from the best ones currently circulating online:



1) Stretch out a little

While LeBroning is a dubious basketball move, the truth is, it's still a basketball move. Hence, we remain steadfast with our rule: Stretch before any basketball-related activity. You don't have to do your full routine; just something that can help you limber up before the big fall. Can you imagine the flak you'll receive from friends because you got injured while doing some silly Internet meme? 

2) Select a target

While everyone in your vicinity might seem like fair game, it's a smarter to choose a target carefully. In basketball, you'll never try to flop against nutheads like Metta World Peace or Dennis Rodman. In real life? You still should avoid the Rodmans and the World Peaces of the world. 

White dudes: Usually one of the safest targets

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