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#LegoCraze: Everything In Lego!

The box office hit The Lego Movie not only made us happy moviegoers, it also spawned a new craze!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 20, 2014
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Have you watched the The Lego Movie? If you haven't, you should, bro. You really should.

So why all these brouhaha surrounding an animated flick about the iconic, brick-based toy brand? For one, it's now being hailed as the first big hit of the year, hitting the box office jackpot to the tune of $193.9 million. And that was two days ago; the movie's still showing so you can bet your suweldo it's gonna rack up more moolah.

But it's not just about the cash. The Lego Movie has earned a collective thumbs-up from entertained moviegoers thanks to its impressive voice cast, grade A animation, and quirky storyline. Even the often-stingy critics of Rotten Tomatoes have nothing but praise for the movie—it got a really impressive 96 percent!

Even the movie's blooper reel is gold:


So don't let yourself be left out whenever your buds talk about it. Trust us, you want to ride this bandwagon. However, if you're the kind of hard-ass who needs a lot of convincing, below are images showing you exactly what this "Lego-fied" phenomenon is all about! Starting with these Oscar-nominated pictures...

Gravity, Lego-fied

legofiedImage credit: Yahoo! Movies (artwork by Old Red Jalopy)

American Hustle, Lego-fied