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Mar 5, 2014
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Just when we thought Leonardo DiCaprio's finally going to win an Oscar at the 86th Annual Academy Awards for his superb performance in The Wolf of Wall Street , Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club) beats him out for the award.

Leo loses.


And then he also had to give the winner a goddamn hug...

And ask him if he could borrow the award even for just a week. (Okay, he really didn't say that.)

This obviously sucks, because it officially makes Leo a four-time Oscars loser, despite the fact that:

  • He’s one of the highly regarded actors of our generation
  • He dates hot supermodels
  • He's Jack Dawson, Billy Costigan, Howard Hughes, and Jordan freakin' Belfort all rolled into one

Seriously, where is this dude's Oscar!?

Look at him, he really wants one...

So don't clap the next time he loses.

In line with this injustice, netizens created a slew of #PoorLeo memes to help console our idol. And we compiled 'em all here for dear Mr. DiCaprio. Bawi tayo next year, LDC! Basta puso lang! Puso

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