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LJ Reyes Brings a Wet 'n' Wild February

LJ Reyes: former teen star, young mother-turned-hot momma, and now two-time <em>FHM</em> cover star!
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jan 31, 2013
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Have you ever loved a woman so much you’d climb a mountain for her? Well, FHM Nation, we literally did.

Our adoration for our February cover girl LJ Reyes pushed our smoker’s lungs and sedentary bodies to climb 249 steps up the side of a mountain, in near-freezing temperature, with nary a complaint. We suppose it helped that LJ herself climbed the very same mountain right beside us to reach those mystical falls that was to be our shoot location—but if only we were stronger (and braver) we’d have carried her, petite frame, swishy hair and all, on our shoulders (we carried her Hello Kitty backpack instead).

Such was our love for LJ that for her second cover outing we endured cold, foreign terrain and lack of cellular signal for hours, just to watch her give that love right back via a titillating cover shoot that shows an explosively sexier, more revealing side to the chinita stunner we’ve always had a soft spot for.

And, we’d gladly climb up a mountain again if we got results like these:

So much love could only inspire so much win in FHM’s February 2013 issue. So we thank LJ for helping us pack the issue with these stories:  A deconstruction of your favorite not-just-for-kids cartoons; an examination of the lives of the golden oldies (while hoping we’d be just as cool at 70), and a thesis-level dissertation on laway (yes, L-A-W-A-Y!).

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Also featured in our love month ’13 ish: Up Dharma Down’s latest album, the bruises we received from playing American Football (not our fault), and a bruised and battered Rafael Rosell (also not our fault).

And now, to the good part: The behind the scenes photos of LJ’s double-cover-worthy cover shoot! Head to the gallery below and click away! (But don’t click too hard. We’ve long declined “Damn you FHM, replace my mouse!” requests.)

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