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Feb 2, 2015
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How many of your jokes have received this reaction?

GIF via Pinterest.com

Too many times that it looks awfully familiar? Don't worry; most of us are not born comedians. But if you want to pursue a career in making people pee their pants because of too much LOL-ing, then you've got to practice hard, son...or get some pointers from one of the funniest grandmas we've seen in a long while, Lola Pina!

"Who the heck is she?" you ask? She's not a late night comedy show host or the next big thing in the local showbiz comedy scene. Nonetheless, we guarantee you she's gonna put a big, fat smile on your face (or make you take down notes).

The proof is in the video below:

Video via Daily Video Trends 3

Admit it: That made you chuckle. Because if you didn't, well, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU COLD-HEARTED SUMBITCH?!

Seriously, her magic goes beyond the jokes. Lola Pina has the innate charisma, nerves, and a calm yet interesting stage presence to make people split their sides.

A couple more deets on this funny granny: She's currently a resident of the Kanlungan ni Maria home for the elderly institution in Antipolo City and her YouTube video has already garnered over 175,000 videos in just a week. Whoa!

Here's to you, Lola Pina, thank you for making this workday a little bit more bearable! Keep the laughs and the smiles comin'!