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LOOK: Marian Rivera Cosplays Jean Grey!

Marian Rivera. Cosplaying as the X-Men's Jean Grey. Complete with CGI effects. Shot by the country's preeminent cosplay lensman, Jay Tablante. You know you want to see it!
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 5, 2014
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Look, Marian Rivera is Jean Grey in Jay Tablante's latest cosplay shoot!

Marian Rivera

Riding on the success of their Wonder Woman cosplay shoot last year, Jay and Marian have decided to put up another print sale to raise money for charity. The proceeds of this project will be donated to the Cribs Foundation, an infant orphanage and shelter for abused girls in Marikina.

For printing and pricing details, go to Let's get behind this great cause, FHM Nation!

Photography Jay Tablante
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