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Mar 17, 2014
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It's been more than a week since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and while more and more nations are conducting their own search and rescue operations, the world is starting to lose hope.

It's bad enough that a plane carrying 239 passengers vanishes out of the blue; what's worse is we still cannot figure out how or why it did.

According to a Yahoo! News report, however, a Malaysian official involved in the investigation have concluded that one or more people with significant flying experience have hijacked the plane, switched off communication devices, and steered it off-course. An American official also told the press that investigators are now examining the possibility of human intervention, piracy, and terrorism.


One key evidence that suggests a human intervention is when the plane's transponder stopped about a dozen minutes before a messaging system on the jet quit—something that is not likely to happen if it was indeed an in-flight catastrophe.

The Malaysian official, who spoke in anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media, adds that only a skilled aviator could navigate the plane the way it was flown (radar data suggests it may have turned back and crossed over the Malaysian peninsula) after its last confirmed location in the South China Sea.

So what do these reports indicate? It means that Mother Nature isn't entirely responsible for the plane's alleged mechanical failures. It also means that even the missing pilots, 53-year-old Zaharie Ahmad Sha and 27-year-old Fariq Abdul Hamid, are now subject to investigation. Authorities are currently inspecting their respective backgrounds, along with the 10 other crew members, as we speak.

Malaysia Airlines                                                                                Image from National Post

This particular theory however has a few loopholes. If hijackers are indeed involved, what could possibly be their motives? Why haven't they made any demands? And where the hell are they taking the plane? Nobody knows for sure at this point.

But we do know one thing: Mysterious aerial disappearances are not as uncommon as you think. And if history is any indication, it almost always doesn't end well. Jump to the next page to see our list of the planes (and people) that went up and never came back!

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