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Aray Ko Po News Of The Day: Man Proposes To Girlfriend With 99 iPhone 6s, Gets Rejected

Money can't buy you love...and apparently neither can 99 new iPhone 6s!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 11, 2014
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Money can't buy you love...and apparently neither can a horde of fresh new iPhone 6s!

A Chinese bro learned this the hard way when he proposed to his girlfriend yesterday in Guangzhou, China. His plan: Profess his love in a unique way using flowers andget this99 friggin' iPhone 6s arranged in the shape of a heart!

proposal failsImage via

Too bad the end result wasn't what he had hoped for. The girl apparently responded by saying the dreaded two-letter word that had broken millions of hearts throughout human history: NO. #Aguy

It was like a nice fairy tale story suddenly turning into a complete bangungot, at least for the poor guy—and also reminds us of these similarly ill-fated romantic plans.

Here's an aerial view of the iPhone-laden setup:

proposal failsImage via

Man, the guy (whose identity is being protected) really had his shit all planned out!

The romantic debacle happened one day before the China-only holiday Singles' Day which falls today, November 11, and is celebrated by all single peeps in the country. The heart-broken guy reportedly spent a fortune, to the tune of 500,000 yuan or around $82,000 (almost P3.7 million). According to Yahoo!, that's roughly two years' worth of his salary as a computer programmer.

And the worst part? It happened in public! #DoubleAguy

From one bro to another, we'd like to say that we feel your pain, Chinese dude:

proposal failsGIF via

We don't know why the girl rejected his offer. Maybe she's an Android lover? Maybe she's just not ready yet? Or worse, maybe she just didn't love him? In any case, at least the man can get back his moolah by selling the iPhones. iPhones are big in China, you know.

In the meantime, he now has 99 Siris to ask what the eff went wrong.

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