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A Hot K-Pop Artist Bares All, MMDA Chief Tastes Manila Traffic, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Relevant issues, man toys, and as always, H-O-T ladies in this week's man news roundup!
by Mars Salazar | Sep 11, 2015
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Kick off the weekend with a treasure trove of much-needed man knowledge! Get reading to learn about a legendary rock gig, female K-Pop cuties, and a handful of really stunning babes in the newest edition of the 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

A coffee shop where you can pay only what you can afford to fork out? Enter Recession Coffee, a new café at Eastwood Mall where you can be as generous (or as stingy) as your wallet can handle. Good coffee for everyone!

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Australian researchers are currently developing Immortus, the solar-powered electric sports car of our dreams. It’s still in the works, but man, we’d gladly shell out $370,000 (if we had $370,000 or about P17.3 million lying around, that is) for this baby.

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If we were to describe the status of Floyd Mayweather’s "last fight ever" versus Andre Berto in one word, it would be: lalangawin. Maybe because Berto’s a total underdog whom Mayweather will just use to fulfill his 50-0 undefeated record. Pfft.

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And speaking of Mayweather, the man allegedly got an illegal IV shot before his bout with Manny Pacquiao to help with dehydration. This, after going the whole time on about how our Pambansang Kamao has been supposedly using performance-enhancing drugs. Tsk.

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Some horny bro made a superb compilation of the sexiest moments of women in film, and man, it’s an absolute must-watch. Check it out—we promise, it’ll be the best four minutes and three seconds of your day.

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Click here to know more about this boner-inducing clip.

In this week’s Foo Fighters awesomeness, Dave Grohl—who is still recovering from a broken leg—paid tribute to rock god Freddie Mercury by performing a repertoire of the Queen frontman’s classic songs alongside Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones and Queen drummer Roger Taylor. Ah, the things we’d give to see this legendary gig live!

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Yes, our moms told us not to laugh at people’s mistakes, but man, it’s hard not to laugh (and feel guilty after) every time K-Pop group GFriend’s Yuju falls down on the stage. Poor girl. Maybe she could use a leg massage from us?

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While we’re already talking about K-Pop hotties, you might as well take note of HyunA, whose sizzling hawt bare photos for her upcoming album nearly made our eyes pop out of their sockets. Annyeong!

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champ Ronda Rousey will be starring in the remake of the '80s classic Road House, reprising Patrick Swayze’s iconic role as a bouncer tasked to clean up his town from some bad guys. If there’s anyone who can give justice to that role, it’s definitely "Rowdy Ronda."

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Katy Perry recently got her handprints permanently imprinted in concrete in front of Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatre, but surprise, no one’s probably looking at her well-manicured pointers. In fact, we’re willing to bet that all eyes were on her cleavage, which was nearly spilling out of that tiny, slinky dress she was wearing. We’re sure the girl knows exactly what she’s doing.

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Ang tunay na lalaki, kayang magsayaw ng
"Single Ladies." Which is why we’re saluting superbros Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, who absolutely stole the show by dancing to the Beyonce hit during the semi-finals of the US Open.  You keep doing your thing, gentlemen.

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