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Jul 29, 2015
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How long have you gone without shaving off that majestic facial hair of yours? Two days? A week? A couple of months? We advocate using the razor as a means to become more hygienic, but we also don't discriminate against those who want to keep their mane a little longer (just as long as they keep it clean, of course).

This is what Amit of Israel didhe kept his beard for 14 years! The 44-year old's kids have never seen him without his beard, and it's been a while since his mother, father, sister, and wife saw him sport the clean-shaven look. Which is why you could just imagine the shock her family and the people around him felt when he did the unthinkable: Shave it all off!

See the priceless reactions in the video below:

Video via Art of Advertising

More than the resultant surprise on him now being stubble-free, what really made the clip loads more interesting are the touching responses and how his family embraced his new look.

We mean, the shock is a given, but never did we expect these man tear-inducing reactions:

It's as if a new man was born!

The big questions now for our caveman friends is, will they receive more than the expected "Naks, pogi!" reply if they bid goodbye to their precious beard/goatie/'stache?