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Feb 11, 2014
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Manny Pacquiao is just a couple of months away from avenging his split-decision loss to reigning WBO Welterweight champion Timothy Bradley. So what the hell is he doing stepping in the ring with reigning Miss USA Erin Brady?

And why are they holding pillows?

Wait, are they really going to have a pillow fight?

Manny, who appeared last Friday (February 7) on the American primetime sports show Crowd Goes Wild to promote his rematch with Bradley, was persuaded by host Regis Philbin to engage in a pillow fight with Erin—which our Pambansang Kamao loses.

Don't feel bad for Manny though, because his opponent is as gorgeous as it gets. Here's a closer look:

However, we think Manny still has to answer the tough questions after this loss: Why'd you lose, PacMan? Is this ring rust? Are you slowing down? Is it Erin's cleavage? Let's find out in our blow-by-blow account below.

Regis explains the rules to Manny and Erin. Don't miss the pillow-hugging-Manny on the background.

Touch pillows!

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