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Nov 25, 2013
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Just like that, our country’s pride, Manny Pacquiao, restored some of the glitter to his name. Following two defeats in his 2012 campaign—including that now infamous Marquez knockoutPacMan showed the world that he’s still got it, as he ran roughshod over the proud slugger Brandon Rios.

Our Pambansang Kamao won via unanimous decision in what was practically a shutout as he landed flurries on Rios’s face and body. Though the promised knockout was nowhere to be found, Pacquiao’s speed, accuracy and footwork looked as spectacular as ever. He repeatedly darted in, throwing punches from all angles while deftly avoiding many of the slower Rios’s haymakers.

The lack of a knockout finish you can blame two things for: Rios is simply a tough SOB, and Pacquiao, in spite of his still-speedy hands, may have lost a bit of that blockbuster punching power that still keeps Ricky Hatton up at night to this very day.

                                              And here's Pacquiao, in the post-fight presser, taking a moment to
                                                    remember that delightful day when he knocked Hatton out

Without the K.O. force to shut up the brash Mexican-American, Rios repeatedly taunted Pacquiao after getting hit, going so far as to say after the fight that he wasn’t even hurt. His face though tells another story:

(Oh wait, that's him trying to cover up the pasa and pamamaga caused by one of Pacquiao's fist-burgerslike this one.)

Manny, on the other hand, was as gracious as ever. During the in-ring post-fight interview, our comebacking champ stated that this victory was for the Yolanda victims, and that Brandon Rios was a very, very tough fighter. Unfortunately, he sang a similar tune to the question of who he’ll fight next,: "Tanungin ninyo si Lolo Bob." 

Pacquiao’s post-fight interviews have always been part of the attraction. If somewhat canned, what we love is his boldness to just go out there and speak a language that he has yet to master—but slowly has been improving on.

Let's look back at the best bits of Pacquiao's post-battle interviews below!

1) Pacquiao, after awakening from a Marquez-induced slumber (2012):


Mood: Calm but visibly shaken

Best quote:
"I never expected that punch. He got me, he got me. That was a good one."

As for the matter of his next fight:
"It's up to the promoter. I'm a fighter; my job is to fight."

2) Pacquiao, after disfiguring Antonio Margarito's face (2010):


Mood: Grateful and relieved

Best quotes:
"I've been trying to psycho (sic) him that I was not [getting hurt] by his punches. But, you know, the truth is, he's really strong, and I got hurt...he hurt me in the body and the face."

"I feel pity to my opponent...his eyes, his bloody face...take a look for that..."

As for the matter of his next fight:
"For me, I'm not scared to fight anybody as long as there's no problem with the negotiation of my promoter. That's my promoter's job. I'm just a fighter [who does his] job to train hard for the fight."

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Photos courtesy of Jerome Ascano for SPIN.PH